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Friday, March 15, 2013

Thank you for answering my little prayers

"you don't need a romancer to tug at one's heartstrings, a simple touch of art would be more than enough"

Congratulations big boy.

Time sure flies by, though our little memories remained. 
It seems like yesterday when we both - nope 4 of us shared our siblings moments - laughed our ass out, screamed out our lungs' contents, notified the world of our existence with the super gigantic gene. 

God bless us

when Eqa shared the link in whatsapp, I instantly have a look of the blog and it fluttered my heart in and out.


from that instant, I knew it  very well, 
you didn't left a trace only to me, but other people as well.

when I called ayah last day, when he answered my phone, when he said he just remembered about me and how long we haven't got in touch - that's when I realized, how our hearts and minds bonded in every way.

I shared everything with him, from my immature concern of my health from the early morning till the big news of Along's success. 

when I heard this came out from his mouth:
"Ramai yang datang exhibition tu, ayah rasa bangga"

damn, I believed I heard it right. 
The once a troublemaker & long-live tear-jerker of  mine has finally made it big.
my big boy, I called Along, who constantly, up till now, sharing his pieces of mind...
this boy - you did a splendid job there

When I recall of those who spoke about our passion of art, what they believed won't put us anywhere in the world, we both knew they were damn wrong. 

I, who used to be on top, with all those prize-winning drawings lined during my childhood, who once, envied by you, I guess I am no longer the holder of the throne boy. 
You definitely have stole it long ago.

You once said to me, you never had a dream for your future like other normal kids, and I remembered it vividly during my hate for medicine.



what have we became now? 
You grabbed the honor in arts, and I picked the role as a sole player in medicine for our family. 
God surely knows best for us, right?

when I read this:

it brought drops of salty liquids out from my two eyes -
thanks again my tear-jerker.


"for answering my little prayers"

You are after all, the ultimate granter for the askers.

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